SQL Bootcamp

1-Month Part-Time OR 2-Week Accelerated Training

Database Programming
With SQL

Course Overview

Learn how to use SQL quickly and effectively with this course You’ll learn how to read and write complex queries to a database using one of the most in demand skills – PostgreSQL. These skills are also applicable to any other major SQL database, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and much more. Learning SQL is one of the fastest ways to improve your career prospects as it is one of the most in demand tech skills! In this course you’ll learn quickly and receive challenges and tests along the way to improve your understanding!

By taking this course you will,

 Set your PC for oracle 112 express edition setup
Be able to understand database schema and object notations
be able to understand basic database concepts and relational database systems
Create and extend databases


What you will learn

  1. How to create and maintain a database.
  2. Write and execute a basic SQL statement against database.
  3. Understand the different category of SQL statements (DML, DDL, DCL)
  4. Have the skills to execute a CRUD operation on a database.
  5. Design  and develop an online database for a financial institution.

Who is  this course for

Any individual who finds himself / herself working  with large data can enroll in this course and gain the necessary skills needed in managing large amounts of data .



Course Requirements

No experience is needed  .

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What You’ll Learn

SQL Database Programing

UNIT 1: Database Fundamentals

Database Fundamentals

Database Systems

Relational Database Models

UNIT 2: Databases And Tables

Databases and Tables Overview.

Creating and Restoring a Database.

Overview of Challenges!.

Challenge: Restore a Database! .

Restoring a Table Schema.

Challenge: Restore a Table Schema.

UNIT 3 : SQL Statements  Fundamentals

SQL Statement Fundamentals.

SELECT Statement.

Challenge: SELECT task..










UNIT 4 : Advanced SQL Statements


Overview of Advanced SQL Commands.

Timestamps and Extract.

Mathematical Functions.

String Function and Operators.


UNIT 4 : Project – Building An Online Database Solution For  A Financial Institution


Download Our SQL Database Programming Curriculum

  • Okedairo

    This course helped me acquire the necessary skills for digital and print design. I got first hand practical training in User Experience design. I look forward to creating better designs from now on!

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    Branding my business now matter more than ever, thanks to Ellae Training

Meet Your Instructors

You’ll be learning from highly skilled instructors with practical experience.

Olatoun Ogunduyile

Creative Design Lead,
Ellae Creative Design Agency


Opeolu Adeyemi

Digital Marketing Lead,
Ellae Creative Design Agency

Tosin Olawore

Web Development Lead,
Ellae Creative Design Agency


You can choose between our 2-week accelerated course or the 1-month part-time course.

2-Week Accelerated Course

Dec 5th – 14th
Jan 9th – 18th (2-Weeks)

Wed, Thurs & Fri
2pm – 4pm
NGN 60,000
Full-time  Course

Jan 7th – 29th

Wed, Thurs & Fri
2pm – 4pm
NGN 60,000

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Benefits of Taking Our Training

Upon completion of your training on Ellae Graphic Design, you get a very rare and privileged opportunity and the best students will be privilege to a paid internships with companies we are in partnership with.

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How much is the advanced graphics design course

The cost of the advanced graphics design course is  N60,000

How long is the duration of the advanced graphics design course

The Accelerated course is 2 weeks long on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The Full-Time course is 1 month long.

Do i get a certificate

you get a certificate after the completion of your training. If you prove to be an exceptional student, you have the chance to intern with firms we are in partnership with