Ellae Coding Camp
Get Your Kids On The Right Digital Track

Ellae teen coding programme
Providing the platform
to bridge the digital divide

Smartphone apps, robots, video games, small business—the world runs on code. Software jobs are predicted to grow 34% in the next few years, making coding and app development the world’s most in-demand skills. Whether you dream of becoming a Google developer or want to launch your own tech startup, your coding path starts here!
At the Ellae coding Bootcamp, we get your kids ready for the future by imparting  technological  skills that will get them ready for the next level in technological advancements
With our excellent set of highly skilled facilitators, your children will learn what’s not obtainable in school


What Will You Learn?


Our Bootcamp consists of accelerated educational programs that teach beginners development skills such as Full-Stack Web Development, Data Science, and UX/ UI Design. The Bootcamps teach a technical curriculum in the most popular coding languages such as Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Joomla, Python on Django, JavaScript, and PHP stacks. The sessions incorporate demos, tutorials, lectures as well as individual and group projects. Participants build fully functional web-apps, websites, collect data, and use development tools to complete their projects. Following intensive coursework, the Bootcamps train participants to jump head-first into a career in the high-tech or startup industry. Participants graduate with a completed project(s), an online presence, solid coding and interview skills, and more.

Our Course Modules

Game Dev

Graphics Design


Mobile Dev