Software Development

1-Month Part-Time OR 2-Week Accelerated Training

Get Coding With Ellae Training

Learning Scripting
With Typescript

Typescript is a powerful Addition to JavaScript. This Course takes you from the very Basics and its most important Feature (Types!) to the Point where you are able to use Typescript in any of your Projects

Game Programing
With Python

The python language is a modern programming language used to develop apps for various platforms . This Course takes you from the foundations to building interactive games with the python programming language

Database programming
With SQL

Database programming with SQL. This course takes you from the very basics of programming a database and gives you a skill which can be applied in various industrial sectors such as Petroleum, Health, Financial, Communications etc. Become a database developer with this course.

Mobile App
Development With Ionic

Build dynamic data-driven web based  apps with microsoft  development framework and learn how to integrate secure based schemes and secure  your website, add database sources to your web application,build various types of web applications  from portals to e-commerce websites

Web App Development
With Angular

Learn how to design and build dynamic websites and scalable web applications from e-commerce websites ,school management applications etc with Angular . Become a proficient Angular developer and harness your skills

Web App Development

Learn how to design and build dynamic websites and scalable web applications from e-commerce websites ,school management applications etc with Angular . Become a proficient Angular developer and harness your skills

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What You’ll Learn

Software Development

Building Web Apps With Angular

Introduction to the Angular For Beginners Course, Welcome

Setting up an angular development environment

Angular Directives

Including your directives on a web page

Angular core directives – ngFor

Introduction to angular components

Building your first angular component

2 way data binding with angular components

Learning With Typescript

Typescript basic introduction Welcome !

Setting up typescript development enviroment

Refinement of final studies using Adobe Illustrator™ software.

Understanding types in typescript

Navigating a typescript project

Creating a typescipt application

Compiling a typescript project

Numeric, string, other types in typescript

Functions in typescript

Database Programming With SQL

What is a database and types of database systems

Introduction to SQL and its general application

Writing your first SQL program on oracle 12c express edition


Introduction to DML ,DDL, DCL SQL Commands

Creating tables in the database

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  • Okedairo

    This course helped me acquire the necessary skills for digital and print design. I got first hand practical training in User Experience design. I look forward to creating better designs from now on!

  • Chima

    Branding my business now matter more than ever, thanks to Ellae Training

Meet Your Instructors

You’ll be learning from highly skilled instructors with practical experience.

Olatoun Ogunduyile

Creative Design Lead,
Ellae Creative Design Agency


Opeolu Adeyemi

Digital Marketing Lead,
Ellae Creative Design Agency

Tosin Olawore

Web Development Lead,
Ellae Creative Design Agency


You can choose between our 2-week accelerated course or the 1-month part-time course.

2-Week Accelerated Course

June 7th – 19th or
June 20th – 28th (2-Weeks)

Wed, Thurs & Fri
2pm – 4pm
NGN 60,000
Full-time  Course

June 1th – 29th

Mon & Tues
2pm – 4pm
NGN 60,000

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Benefits of Taking Our Training

Upon completion of your training on Ellae Graphic Design, you get a very rare and privileged opportunity and the best students will be privilege to a paid internships with companies we are in partnership with.

Get Answers

Here are the answers we have provided to frequently asked questions just for you.

How much is the course?

The graphic design course is NGN 40,000.

What is the duration of the training?

The Accelerated course is 2 weeks long on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The Full-Time course is 1 month long.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you get a certificate after the completion of your training. If you prove to be an exceptional student, you have the chance to intern with firms we are in partnership with