Digital Marketing Course

Learn a wide range of techniques used in online media and digital tools,
and how to successfully manage online marketing campaigns.
What You'll Learn

Digital Marketing 101

Social Media Marketing

Understand the concepts behind growing a brand and audience through social media platforms.

Targeted Ads

Learn how to create and develop ads directed to the right audience. Produce the best results with your ads.

SEO and Keywords

Learn how to optimise your website in order to rank higher on search engine results. Gain and direct more traffic to your website.


Personalized Learning

• Define Digital Marketing; explore its evolution and the current landscape.

• Define segments and the role segmentation plays in marketing.

• Define your audience and build a target persona with a customer map.

• Describe the landscape of channels today and how channels are used

• Differentiate between broadcast, direct, and social channels

• Identify the relevance and role of various channels for your business and customers

• Define channels that you will use in campaigns, and where your approach is paid, earned or owned

• Explain how to use channels to market to the right customers at the right time.

• Perform keyword research analyzing search volume and competition

• Apply keyword and search intent targeting to your business

• Define click bidding and bid management, budgeting

• Create your own AdWords campaigns

• Evaluate results and optimize AdWords

• Review key metrics and KPIs for SEM

• Outline the process for running a social ad campaign

• Create and manage a social ad campaign for Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram

• Identify the data that is available from social media platforms and how it can be used

• Create and distribute UTM-coded links

• Interpret metrics to optimize paid social strategies across platforms

Select appropriate social media platforms for a brand and specific campaigns

• Outline the process for developing content campaigns

• Create a content plan with key messaging, content mapping, distribution and measurement

• Develop a Native Advertising strategy to increase targeted reach of your content

• Assess which content marketing tactics meet specific marketing and business goals

• Determine the key metrics for measuring and optimizing content marketing tactics

• Distinguish best uses and approaches to the primary social platforms

• Select appropriate influencers for your project and determine your influencer outreach strategy

• Curate and modify digital content across your social channels

• Determine the role of community management in social media marketing

• Identify metrics and KPIs for measuring impact of social media

• Landing Pages, UX, & Lead Gen

• Review best practices of digital marketing UX

• Explore how on-site marketing works and the ways to optimize those efforts

• Evaluate the design, functionality, and effectiveness of landing pages

• Develop landing pages and forms for your business


• Plan and prepare lifecycle marketing strategies

• Map content and channels (like email) to your customer’s lifecycle

• Plan, execute, and measure email-marketing campaigns

• Gain basic familiarity with common tools of the trade

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